South Texas Hunting Ranches -  The Big White Tail Bucks of the Long Ranch
South Texas Hunting Ranches at their finest!  Your host Butch Long can arrange guided hunts on over 30,000 acres of prime, high fenced, managed deer hunting in the heart of the south texas hunting ranches country

big whitetail bucks from South Texas Hunting Ranches

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Do you dream of hanging a trophy buck on your wall?

If your "dream hunt" is a rifle hunt for a trophy whitetail buck on a managed, high fenced south texas hunting ranch, Long Ranch is the place for you.

Long Ranch specializes in providing a small number of high quality, guided "big whitetail bucks" rifle hunts to discriminating hunters every year.

Long Ranch consists of 800 acres of high fenced, carefully managed South Texas deer country.

In addition, South Texas rancher Butch Long can arrange hunts on several other exceptional high fenced south texas hunting ranches. These managed rifle whitetail hunts are the dream hunts of a lifetime!

From extensive food plots to the weeding out of lesser quality deer, nothing has been spared to improve the deer herd on Long Ranch.

All this is waiting for you

  • Special 4 Month Rifle season, October 1st to late January

  • Comfortable private quarters in a separate wing of the ranch house

  • Gourmet meals

  • Beautiful shared den / trophy room

  • Big Whitetail Bucks

  • Guaranteed Hunts

Want to see more of our THOUSANDS of pictures of the ranch and deer?

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pictures of big whitetail bucks (mounted)

pictures of big whitetail bucks (live)

South Texas Hunting Ranches (Long Ranch)

spacer, big whitetail bucks

spacer, big whitetail bucks

spacer, big whitetail bucks


Please, call Butch Long at 830-769-9520
or email him at

Let us make your dream trophy hunt for a big whitetail buck come true

Call today, our hunts are strictly limited and always fill up early


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