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F E E D E R   S Y S T E M S

Crank Up Feeder Towers

Heavy Duty Model
#01144  $275.95Standard Model (shown)
#01141  $239.95

The Magnum crank up towers use a custom designed pulley head, a crank up/crank down winch, and bigger cable to allow for maximum hunter safety. Shown with the Magnum 55 Feeder (not included). Two models are available.

Magnum 55 Feeder

Magnum 55 Feeder (complete)
#62103   $299.95

This feeder utilizes a 55 gallon steel barrel that will hold over 250 lbs. of corn or other grain. It comes complete with a tough ABS cone, installed internally, that insures all the grain is dispensed, a rugged short leg kit, light weight extension legs, #42121 Platinum "+" controller, 12 volt rechargable battery, solar charger and easy-to-follow connection and operating instructions. Minor assembly required.

Magnum 30 Feeder

Magnum 30 Feeder
#62104  $289.95

This rugged feeder uses a 30-gallon barrel that holds over 150 lbs. of corn or other grain. It comes complete with a short leg kit, an internally mounted ABS funnel, lightweight extension legs, #42121 Platinum "+" controller, 12-volt rechargable battery, solar charger, and easy-to-follow hook and operating instructions. Minor assembly required.

Magnum 16 Feeder

Magnum 16 Feeder
#52105   $159.95

A very economical feeder! The convenient size of this lightweight feeder makes it easy to tote to out-of-the-way feeding locations. Holding nearly 100 lbs. of corn, this feeder includes our own ABS funnel mounted to the bottom of the barrel so all the corn feeds through. Excellent hanging stability is provided by the solid steel hanging bracket. It comes completely assembled with an ABS funnel, hanging bracket, #32111 Star"+" Controller, a 6-volt dry cell battery, and easy-to-follow connection and operate instructions.

Magnum Protein Feeder

Magnum Protein Feeder
#72103   $184.95

This rugged feeder uses a 55-gallon barrel that holds over 300 lbs. of PROTEIN feed or corn. It comes complete with four short legs, an internally mounted custom molded ABS funnel, lightweight extension legs, and a custom designed feed shoot.

Receiver Hitch Road Feeder

Receiver Hitch Road Feeders
#12135 (16 gal)    $199.95
#32135 (30 gal)     $219.95

Mounted on a durable heavy steel frame, this feeder uses a 16-gallon barrel that holds over 100 lbs. corn or other grain. It comes complete with the welded mounting frame, externally mounted custom molded ABS directional funnel, heavy duty motor, an extra long power cord, an on-off switch, and a power point plug. Also available is a 30 gal unit that holds over 150 lbs of corn or other grain.

Tailgate Feeder

Tailgate Feeder

Use this feeder on the back of your truck or ATV. Special mounts are available for various vehicles. Feed is thrown in only one direction by use of our custom-molded ABS plastic shroud. A two speed motor lets you spread the feed from a small width to over 10 feet. This unit requires a 12 volt battery for operation. Choose from our selection of batteries or it may be operated from the vehicle's battery.



Platinum "+" Digital Timer
#33209   $59.95

The latest innovations in feeder technology make this timer the easiest, simplest digital timer to operate. The timer is menu driven. This means that a set of instructions are a thing of the past. It features the following:  
1. Simple 4 button operation    
2. All buttons scroll for quicker and easier setting
3. Eight (8) feeding times a day with individual on/run times  
4. Optional two (2) hog light times a day with individual on times of up to 99 minutes  
5. Motor speed adjustment  
6. Test button with a 10 second delay
    a. Push once to start a test
    b. Push twice to stop a test 
7. All settings, except time of day, are permanently saved if  a battery fails or the battery is disconnected.
8. Option: remote plug 


EZ-Set Digital Clock Timer
#33205   $54.95

This spaced aged designed timer uses a unique LCD digital clock to precisely set time of day and motor run times. The rugged construction of this timer makes it impervious to most weather conditions. Many alarm time combinations are available with this timer with up to six feedings per day. Each day can be programmed the same or independently. Each timer has a length of motor run time from approximately 1 second to 20 seconds and a test button with a 10 second delay. By the simple push of a button you can test the unit at any time. This unit operates on 6-volts or 12-volts and is very easy to program and use. Option: remote plug.


Platinum "+"
Clock Timer Module
#42113   $67.95

EZ-Set Digital
Clock Timer Module
#12113   $62.95

Replace your old outdated timers with our state-of-the-art electronic timer modules. Select from our EZ-Set Digital Timer, Snap-Switch Quartz Clock Timer, or the IRD-A Quartz Clock Timer. These timers are mounted in custom molded ABS enclosures. Each timer is available with an optional remote plug, a feed rate adjustment of 1 to 20 seconds, and a test switch with up to a 10 second delay. One battery operates both the clock and the feeder motor. All units will operate on 6-volts or 12-volts.


Magnum "+" Controllers

Platinum "+"
Clock Controller
#42121   $104.95

EZ-Set Digital
Clock Controller
#12121   $79.95

These rugged controllers are constructed of tough UV-retardant Polypro N-linear plastic material With hasp lock rings( for protection)and a living hinge(gets stronger with use). It is designed to hold the large rechargable 12-volt battery or two 6-volt dry-cell batteries. Available with the either the new Platinum "+" Timer, the E-Z Set Digital Clock Timer, or the Snap-Switch Quartz Clock Timer. This controller come completely assembled with a timer, motor, stainless steel slinger, mini funnel, all mounting hardware, and easy-to-follow connection and operating instructions. These contollers operate from a 12-volt battery (not included).

S O L A R   C H A R G E R S

12 Volt LP Solar Charger

6 Volt LP Solar Charger

6 or12 Volt HP Solar Charger

Use the power of the sun to charge your rechargeable batteries. Designed to reduce the maintenance required to operate your feeder, these chargers are self regulating which insures that your battery will not be overcharged. Overcharging reduces the life of a rechargeable battery. Battery discharge at night is prevented by a reverse current blocking diode. The mounting brackets provided set the mounting angle for optimum light gathering of the solar charger. Easy to install with simple to follow instructions and provided mounting hardware.
Specifications: (HP) High Power - 250 Ma output; (LP) Low Power 30 Ma output.

12 Volt LP Solar Charger

6 Volt LP Solar Charger


HP Charger
Not Pictured